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by Ohio Statutory Agent LLC

Ohio Business Filings

As your Ohio statutory agent (also known as a registered agent), we can keep you on top of your company’s Ohio business filings. Our expert team knows Ohio state law inside and out, and we provide quick, accurate filings with the Ohio Secretary of State. We’ll help you avoid legal and financial complications while keeping your company organized and operation-ready.

Hire us to serve as your registered agent for only $49 a year, and you’ll be able to order additional Ohio business filing services to help meet your company’s unique needs. All of our Ohio business filings are affordably priced, so you’ll receive top-tier support and convenience without breaking the bank.

Ohio Business Filings: What We Offer

Completing your Ohio business filings can be tedious and stressful, especially if you’d rather direct your energies toward activities like managing your company’s day-to-day or preparing for a product release. That’s why we offer additional Ohio business filing services to our Registered Agent Service clients. Get the details on all the filings you can order below!

Ohio Business Filings


Statutory Agent Update – Change Registered Agent


Articles – LLC, Corporation or Nonprofit

$100 plus state fees

Foreign Registration Application – LLC, Corporation or Nonprofit

$100 plus state fees

S-Corp Tax Status


Apostille with Overnight Shipping


* These prices include state and federal filing fees

Ohio Statutory Agent Update

If your business is already established and you’re hiring us to take over as your registered agent, you’ll need to submit paperwork documenting that change. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

For $50—including state fees—we’ll change your registered agent for you. Simply select “yes” from the drop-down menu under the “Change Registered Agent” section when you’re signing up for our Registered Agent Service.

Ohio Articles of Organization & Incorporation

We offer our registered agent clients no-fuss business formation filings for only $100 plus state fees. To begin doing business, the first of any Ohio business filings you’ll need to complete is submitting your formation paperwork to the Ohio Secretary of State.

If you’re starting an LLC, we prepare and file your Articles of Organization. Likewise, if you’re forming a corporation, we file your Articles of Incorporation for For-Profit Corporations or Articles of Incorporation for For Non-Profit Corporations.

Through your online account, you can order additional services and access free structure-specific business documents, such as member certificates and corporate bylaws drafts. You’ll also get lifetime client support and reminders about important dates for your business.

Ohio Foreign LLC and Corporation Registration

Are you expanding your out-of-state business into Ohio? Once you’ve retained us to serve as your registered agent, you can hire us to help complete your Ohio business filings for foreign company registration for just $100 plus state fees.

For LLC owners, we offer filing assistance for your Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company form. For corporation owners, we provide filing support for both Foreign For-Profit Corporation Application for License and Foreign Non-Profit Corporation Application for License forms. We’ll even obtain a certificate of good standing from your home state, so you don’t have to.

S-Corp Tax Status

We provide S-Corp filing for a flat fee of $100. You may think that an S-Corp is a type of corporation, but it’s actually a tax filing status available to both corporations and LLCs that meet specific requirements:

  • Be domestic
  • Have no more than 100 shareholders
  • Have only permitted shareholders
    • Shareholders must be individuals (no other corporations or LLCs; some tax-exempt trusts, estates, and other organizations are eligible)
    • No resident alien shareholders
  • Have only one class of stock

S-Corp status allows corporations to avoid double taxation by adopting a pass-through taxation structure. With S-Corp status, your corporation’s profits are only taxed after they have been distributed to shareholders. For LLCs, filing taxes under S-Corp status may also reduce self-employment tax for owners.


An apostille is a certificate issued by a government organization that helps authenticate public documents for international use. Apostilles are accepted by countries that have signed the 1961 Hague Convention treaty.

If your company conducts business internationally, you may need to obtain apostilles for documents like your certificate of good standing, operating agreement, or corporate bylaws to become authorized to operate in another country or as a part of creating a contract with an international company.

Because we know that time is often of the essence in situations involving international communication, we offer our registered agent clients apostille service with overnight shipping for $300 so that you can receive your authentication certificates as quickly as possible.

Get Started on Ohio Business Filings

If you’re ready, let’s take care of your Ohio business filings now. Of course, you can also message or call our local team—we’re happy to answer all of your questions about forming a business in Ohio!